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Invisible Cities Project: Pushing myself to read more translated fiction in 2021

I am delighted to be participating in the Invisible Cities Project, which was started on YouTube by a group of wonderful BookTubers, and a few bloggers.

Here are links to their sites and channels:

For each month they pick a set of three countries to focus on. The goal is to not only read books from those countries that have been translated, but also to watch films, make food, and generally try to experience the country through the cultural means available to us while the world is not traveling because of the global pandemic. I love the focus on translated works from writers who live or have lived there as it is helping me read more broadly this year. I have wanted to focus on not only translated works, but also to read more from independent presses. Already I have read some books from Charco Press and Tilted Axis Press- both which publish tremendously interesting and original fiction works in translation.

For January, the countries were Japan, Argentina and Morocco. And these are the books I read:

I was delighted with the books I read for the project in January and am equally excited for February's countries of Egypt, Columbia and China.

I will keep you updates as to what I read for those countries soon.

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